Code & Future

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Language and the future: code is a way to submit future to language, and to annihilate subjecting it to the algorithm. In the beginning someone is writing the code, and others are supposed to submit themselves to the effects of the code written by someone. Power is more and more inscribed in code. Writing to Thomas Sebeok, Bill Gates once remarked that “power is making things easy” (quoted by Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein in Data Trash, 1994). Code and interfaces: interfaces are supposed to make the complexity of the code easy, but code in itself is more often about simplifying technical procedures of social life, particularly of economic production and exchange. So code is speaking us, but we are not always working through the effects of written code. More and more we are escaping (or trying to escape) the automatisms implied in the written code.


8 Comments on “Code & Future”

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