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by Mercedes Bunz

Bunz, M. (2014): “Knowledge”, in: Critical Keywords for the Digital Humanities, available at: keywords


Know­ledge is pro­ces­sed in­for­ma­ti­on. As spe­ci­fied by Ox­ford Dic­tio­na­ries, it is tra­di­tio­nal­ly un­ders­tood to be gai­ned by “ex­pe­ri­ence or by edu­ca­ti­on” (cf. Ox­ford Dic­tio­na­ries 2013). To­day, howe­ver, it is also pro­vi­ded by di­gi­tal tech­no­lo­gy and de­scri­bed as “in­for­ma­ti­on held on a com­pu­ter sys­tem” (ibid.). De­s­pi­te not being a di­gi­tal term in the strict sen­se, this new mea­ning fun­da­men­tal­ly af­fects our con­cept of know­ledge, which pro­vi­des the re­a­son for ad­dres­sing this word in the Cri­ti­cal Key­words for the Di­gi­tal Hu­ma­nities.


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