The Mesh of Power

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by Michel Foucault


We will attempt to pro­ceed towards an analy­sis of the con­cept of power.1 I am not the first, far from it, to attempt to skirt around the Freudian schema that pits instinct against sup­pres­sion [répres­sion], instinct against cul­ture.2 Many decades ago, an entire school of psy­cho­an­a­lysts tried to mod­ify and develop this Freudian schema of instinct ver­sus cul­ture, and of instinct ver­sus sup­pres­sion – I am refer­ring to psy­cho­an­a­lysts in the Eng­lish as well as the French lan­guage, like Melanie Klein, Win­ni­cott, and Lacan, who have tried to show that sup­pres­sion, far from being a sec­ondary, ulte­rior, or later mech­a­nism, which would attempt to con­trol a given or nat­ural play of instinct, con­sti­tutes a part of the mech­a­nism of instinct, or, more or less, of the process through which the sex­ual instinct [l’instinct sex­uel] is devel­oped, unfolded and con­sti­tuted as drive [pul­sion].


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