à propos Félix Guattari

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transversal 2012
à propos Félix Guattari
Politics | Poetics | Therapy

12 + 13 October 2012
Academy of Fine Arts
Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, Room M31

Participation: free of charge!
No reservation necessary

For Info and materials in German: http://www.kaosmose.tk



Friday 12th Oct. 2012

14.00 Reception: Ruth Sonderegger and Wolfgang Neurath


14.30 Elisabeth von Samsonow: “François Tosquelles, Félix Guattari and the politics of madness” (Lecture will be held in German)

15.30 Wolfgang Pircher: “Guattari against the state. War Machine and Apparatus of Capture as Mediums” (Lecture will be held in German)

Can an informational materialism be helpful to accentuate the functioning and the transition of war machine and apparatus of appropriation? How can such a materialism be compatible with a historical materialism and a universal history as developed by Deleuze and Guattari? In this regard, what kind of differences can found between the nomadic and the settled?

16.30 Break

17.00 Anne Querrien and Anne Sauvagnargues: “Machines that break down” (Lecture will be held in English)

Transversality, typewriter and political activism; the difference between machine and structure; semiotics, especially capitalist semiotics; machinic heterogenesis; the aesthetic paradigm; chaosmosis.

18.00 Franco “Bifo” Berardi: “Chaosmic Spasm and the Re-thinking of Desire” (Lecture will be held in English)

In “Chaosmosis”, Félix Guattari uses the concept of “chaosmic spasm”. By “spasm”, he understands an intensification of the rhythm of the desiring organism that leads to panic and is a prelude to depressive blackout. The spasm is a form of vibration, the searching for a new rhythm. But if this search does not lead to a successful end, the organism can enter into a phase of paralysis. Chaosmosis is a mode of alleviating the spasm. By reflecting on the concept of chaosmic spasm, one can rethink desire as a problematic concept.

19.00 Water and wine, bread and beer

Saturday 13th Oct. 2012
Workshops in terms of creative milieus for a non-academic exchange on philosophy

10.00 “Subject-Groups”
Coordination: Vivianne Costabile, Klaus Neundlinger, Sandra Lehmann

13.00 “Lines of Flight”
Coordination: Harald Katzmair, Wolfgang Neurath

15.00 “Machines”
Coordination: Sandro Barberi, Birgit Mennel, Helmut Neundlinger, Tom Waibel
Light, sound and theory machines with Stephan Gregory, Michael Kargl, Gerald Raunig, Tim Stüttgen etc.

Supported by: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Wolfgang Neurath and FAS.Research

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