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KAFCA @ MACBA (Museo de Arte contemporaneo de Barcelona)

In collaboration with SCEPSI – European School for social imagination
December 1st 2nd 3rd, 2011


Our intellectual and political task is not to provoke the European insurrection: the insurrection is already provoked by the European Central Bank and by the cowardice and dogmatism of the ruling class of the European countries.

In the unavoidable insurrection that will mark the next decade, we have to introduce a form of organization that supports the potency of collective intelligence; we have to connect this potency with the desire of sociality. General intellect is searching for the erotic and social body that has been lost in the process of virtualization and precarization. Simultaneously, precarious life is looking for collective intelligence that has become fragmented and dispersed.

Connecting knowledge and the social body is the task of SCEPSI (European School for Social Imagination) during the insurrection that is now underway. [read more] [conference program]

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